How to Save a Life

The following are the circumstances surrounding my most recent near death experience.

Well I was at a concert, and super excited to be there. General admission and only $10.00 at the door!! A couple of my friends had gotten there right when the doors opened and had good seats. But I’m sure you know how it is… when you’re sitting in the middle of the row, and there’s no good way to get to the aisle. I made the tiny decision (that almost permanently altered my life course) to maneuver toward the aisle facing the people sitting in my row.  I was headed back to my seat and was facing my sister-in-law and lost my balance and almost fell backwards. Sigh, almost fell backward on to the empty seats below me, what a relief. Rebecca laughed at my grace, and I moved to continue on my way when I REALLY lost my balance and was a total goner…

Rebecca snatched me out of the air… forcefully enough to bruise my arm. Regardless I was rather grateful that she saved me from breaking my neck and all the embarrassment that would have followed. Even though now I can’t tell her “no” because she responds with “but I saved your life”

Here’s a glimps of… being Midget Barbie


One thought on “How to Save a Life

  1. lol So thankful you didn’t break your neck! 🙂 Kudos to Rebecca for saving your life. Too bad about the bruise though.

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