The Yells of Yesteday – Part 1

… sigh…

Yesterday… turned out to be what my mom would say her mother would refer to as having a “case of the Mondays.” But yesterday wasn’t Monday, it was Friday.

Yesterday…  began with the excitement and anticipation of a child on Christmas morning. That may be a little bit of an exaggeration, but for reals… I was looking forward to two days off, which we’re packed full of expectations: dinner with friends, the romanticism of being snowed in with my hubby, a superbowl game should actually be exciting, and just relaxing…

Yesterday… I was yelled at for things completely out of the realm of my control. beginning with, drum roll please, the weather! Apparently it is assumed that I’m on good enough terms with God that I can manipulate the weather.

This was the situation. According to ALL the local weather stations the entirity of the northeast region of the country (PA, DE, MD, NJ, and parts of NY) were expecting at least 3 inches of snow. My particular county was planning on 6-12… we ended up with about 20!! So in order to insure safety on the 110 children, their families, and the staff of my center, we, the administrative staff, chose to close early: 5:00 instead of 6:00. Most parents took this information with grace and appreciation… some did not.

“Due to the impending storm we’ve decided to close by 5pm, please make arrangements for your children to be pick up accordingly” -Ms. Amanda

Response in a loudly inappropriate tone “Both my wife and I work, SO THAT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN” -Parent

“I’m sorry…” accompanied by a sympathetic look, and a little pout, “but if for any reason a decision to close earlier should be made by us or the school district, you will receive a phone call from both us and the school alerting you of any change” -Ms. Amanda

Parent stared with a stunned look

“I can call the individuals on your child’s emergency contact list if that would be helpful to you” -Ms Amanda… so not backing from the necessity to close by 5:00.

“NO I CAN DO IT” -Parent

“Oh thank you that’d be great. Let me know if I can be of any assistance” -Ms. Amanda said with a big smile!

The child was picked up at 4:07 after getting off the bus at 3:56… the snow started at 5:05 everyone was safely on their way.

Was the yelling actually necessary?!


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