Yells of Yesterday – Part 2

Continuing my case of the Mondays…

After clearing my center of all the children and staff.. by 5:02.. I spotted the first flake of what turned into 20 inches of fluffy white snow. Early in the day I’d made arrangements to borrow a buster seat in order to take a co-worked and her daughters home so they wouldn’t have to walk in the cold with the possiblity of encountering physco drivers. Because of this, and of course his strong desire of my personal safety, Andy traded vehicles with me. I love my pretty little honda civic, but it’s way way way too light to handle anything more than 3 flakes of snow. In hind-sight, I think this switch was a small measure of God’s infinite protection.

Still nothing more than a flurry… I headed home. Concentrating on the process of preparing dinner for Hanna and Drew,  being tailgated by the car behind me, I considered going around the truck in front of me. I changed my mind when the car previously tailgating me swerved into the other lane to pass me, almost hitting a car. Figuring it wasn’t worth the hassle, I’d stay where I was… plus I only had one more traffic light before my exit. People get crazy even before bad weather hits. I came to a stop at the light and went back to figuring out a time line for cooking and what games we could play…


“YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!” I yelled at the driving behind me (as if he could hear me), as I looked into my rear-view, to see that car that had been tailgating me, closer to me that he should have been. I pulled off onto a side street surprised he followed me… we both got out, I searched for my cell when the old man assessed the damage to my vehicle.

Right as I connected with Andy, the old man said “There isn’t any damage” – I responded “Don’t go anywhere” I walked out of earshot of the man to finish talking to Andy. I started toward the guy feeling kinda bad for him, I mean there really wasn’t any body damage to my vehicle, his bumper was scratched and dented and his hood buckled up an inch or two and calling the cops would delay my evening and be a hassle, but last time this happened, my breaks were ruined and I was stuck with the cost, so I probably should call the cops. I said the the man, “I need to figure out what I’m going to do…”

And the old man began yelling at me!! “WHAT DO YOU WANT!! MY NUMBER? MY INSURANCE. THERE ISN’T ANY DAMAGE” He was really mad… I said “You know what, I’m just gonna call the police, and let them figure it out.” And he began yelling at me, again. “I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS. THEY’D BETTER HURRY. I NEED TO GET HOME. I ONLY HIT YOU AT 2 or 3 MILES AN HOURS AND THERE ISN’T ANY DAMAGE!!” I put my hand up and walked away saying over my shoulder “So not the point.”

The police came out and handled all the paper work and such… Thought it was pretty funny when the cop commented that “old people shouldn’t be driving after dark.” I was a good bit annoyed that the old man made no attempt to apologize or see if I was okay, but was totally okay with yelling at me. So he was just the icing on my cake of being yelled at multiple times throughout the day.

Another glimps into the life of being Midget Barbie…


2 thoughts on “Yells of Yesterday – Part 2

  1. I am sorry about you getting yelled at and for the accident… I totally understand the whole “nothings wrong” argument, but you still need to have things taken care of properly :)… I hope you have a better Monday than you had a Friday!

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