How Many Lumps in a Snowman?

Friday morning my class was getting ready for the bus: putting on backpacks, zipping coats, adjusting hats and mittens, the usual chaos that accompanies 15 five to seven-year olds trying to bundle themselves for the cold. This is one of the times we have for group discussion. The topic of which was the impending snow storm which had the entire class is a frenzy. I received a variety of questions and comments “Is today a half day?’ “I have snow pants at home.” “Do I have to ride the bus home?” Etc. Etc. Etc. One specific comment lead into a discussion that made me smile…

“My mom says we’re suppose to get 20 inches” – Tori age 7

“Wow, that’s going to be taller than my head!” – Lucas age 6 -no concept of height

Panic suddenly encompassed one of my kindergarteners he looked as if she were about to cry… “Ms. Amanda? Is 20 inches over my head?” – Adam age 5

“No sweetie, 20 inches is almost 2 feet and you’re almost 4 feet tall.” -Ms Amanda

“But is that over my head?” -Adam

I smiled to myself when I realized that he has no idea how numbers increase, you know, mathematical laws and such.

“20 inches is about as tall as you knees.” -Ms Amanda

“Oh okay, then I’m going to build a three lump snowman. Last time I only built a two lump snowman, but this time he’ll have three lumps.”


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