The Offical End of the Dark Ages

My class was sitting down for breakfast.. while I was talking to a parent about her older highschool age daughter who was sick. The mom explained that the girl had strep throat again, and the doctor was talking about taking her tonsils out. After which elementary comments occurred.

 “I got my tonsils out when I was 4” Lucas (age 6)

 “My throat hurt all the time so they took my tonsils out when I was… I, I, I don’t remember” Kyle (age 7)

 “My little sister has to have hers taken out, but I get to keep mine.” Aubrey (age 7)

 “You have to go to the hospital, but it’s okay because all they give you is icecream. You get to eat a lot of icecream.” Lucas again

And so on and so forth… everyone had something to say about having or knowing someone who had their tonsils out. And my little Lucas had his own comment for everything someone else said. The conversation had taken it’s course and we had moved on to something entirely different.

But Lucas sat there in his own world continuing to think about tonsils… “Everyone should have their tonsils out.”

“Not everyone needs to have them out, only a Doctor can decided who needs to have their tonsils taken out. I didn’t have my tonsils out.” –Ms. Amanda

Lucas responded very quickly because he has to have a reason for everything. “Well… see… we haven’t always had hospitals, so that’s why they didn’t take yours out. The doctors didn’t have anywhere to do it, because there hasn’t always been hospitals.”

Apparently I was a kid in the dark ages….


6 thoughts on “The Offical End of the Dark Ages

    • and he said it super condesending… as in there clearly was no other reason I didn’t have my tonsil’s taken out then because it hadn’t been invented yet.

  1. This made me seriously laugh out loud. lol I guess you must be ancient. Oh no! That makes me….I don’t even want to know. 🙂

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