In Middle Suburbia

For the outer Reading area, my class is rather culturally diverse. Out of 17 children 11 ½ are Caucasian… “and action” I was standing in the hall talking to Mr. Jordan (a former employee) and he stepped into my classroom to say hi to the kids he knew…

“MR. JORDAN!!!” Rang out among the masses…

“HHHAAAALLLLLLLLLLLAAAA” Lillie- the whitest of white little girls.

“Do you even know what hol-ler means?” –Tori said in a speech-therapist corrective tone properly enunciating every syllable.

“It’s holla” Lillie corrected her. “As in holla-back

I laughed… and Mr. Jordan was the only one who understood why this conversation was coming form two little white girls.


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