really… are you serious!!

Let me take you back a few months… 8 months to be precise. August 2009, Andy and I drove our newly purchased Ford Escape to Milford, Delaware, to show my family. We’ve made this trip so many times we could do it blindfolded with our hands tied behind our backs.

However, on this particular trip our EZ Pass transponder decided to be fickle and two weeks later we had a notice from Delaware Dept of Transportation that we were responsible for the amount of a toll plus a nice even fine of $25.00.  I opted to appeal the violation submitting all the required information plus the both locations where which the transponder actually worked… the claim was denied.

I repeated this process 3 times… each time the claim was denied. The 4th notice from DelDOT came in the end of January,  indicating that because I hadn’t paid the fine in a timely fashion I was awarded an additional $25.00 bring the grand total owed to $57.00. Angry I appealed the violation but included money for the original amount. Two weeks later the check posted against my account and I let the situation go.

Today, 8 long months later, I received a reimbursement check with a touchingly personal letter… “Thank you for allowing us to address this matter. We have carefully reviewed the appeal for consideration of dismissal and based upon the supporting documentation submitted, it has been determined that you are not responsible for the payment of this violation. DelDOT regrets any inconvenience this may have caused.”

Apparently time and aggravation didn’t fit into the envelope.


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