Is Clipping Coupons Cutting Costs?

Andy and I have been overly financially cautious in the last couple months; work’s been slow and we’re in the process of buying our first home. We know that God will provide but He still expects us to be good stewards of what we have.

We stopped at a gas station on the way home from church to purchase a paper for the coupons. I cut out all the coupons we might consider using, especially for the specialty items we would not have normally purchased, with the intent to compare brands and prices and sales and such. I left these coupons in a pile on the coffee table…

While at work on Monday I get a text from Andy, who was off and had graciously gone grocery shopping. The text was something about junk food blah blah blah coupons blah blah. No idea what he was talking about so I didn’t think anything of it.

Upon arrival at home after work, I was pleasantly surprised by a full pantry and fridge and freezer… noticing an unusual amount of pre-made cookie dough…

…Andy used every coupon!


4 thoughts on “Is Clipping Coupons Cutting Costs?

  1. Yeah, it’s funny now… I’m not sure I thought it was then. I have to say, the pre-made cookies were really very good… all I had to add was water, oil and eggs!!

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