What’s In a Name?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name, would smell as sweet.”

We all know this famous line from Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet… However, for me this should say “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other SPELLING, would smell as sweet.”

Scene 1 – Almost 4 years ago I married my wonderful husband and changed my last name, including the spelling of my last name. Granted it didn’t change much, only swapped the ending letters: “rs” to “n”. And I’m sure because the spellings were so close I may have written or signed my maiden name by mistake. I don’t remember this ever happening. Let’s be real, I was a starry-eyed newlywed who practiced writing my name as “Mrs. So and so” long before the name changed in every legal aspect.

Scene 2 – My hubby and I welcomed our first child into our hearts and lives 10 weeks ago. We decided on his name diving to the hospital for his delivery. A first name he shares with his father, but with a different middle initial, and of course our last name.

Scene 3 – We chose that name knowing may present a challenge on official documents.  But apparently not the challenge we expected.

Scene 4 – I’ve been in communication with the insurance company regarding claims coverage and policy changes. They gave me a deadline of 3/29 to choose the specific policy or they would assign me one. And they assigned me one by 3/22. I found this frustrating because it was not the policy I had chosen, so I called to straighten things out. (Side note: the reason they assigned me a policy was because “it was getting to close to the deadline and they didn’t want me to lose coverage.” Soooo, what was the point of the deadline in the first place?!?) First of all, I got ridiculous automated answering machine that continued to ask me for the 9 digit number on my son’s insurance card  which was IMPOSSIBLE – his number is 10 digits. So, no matter how I entered it, it was still wrong, and never matched his date of birth. Sigh.

Scene 5 – Once I finally got through to talk to a human, she asked me to verify ALL the information on the account… and guess what, another impossibility. She, very condescendingly said, “You have the wrong last name.” I have the last name wrong?! For real? Did she really just accuse me not knowing my child’s last name? And because of this she was “unable to give me any information on the account”. SIGH! However, because I was able to verify ALL the other information, she was gracious enough to inform me a second time that I “spelled my son’s name wrong.” WHAT!! WHO SAYS THAT!!

Scene 6 – I did not take the second accusation as well as the first, and I’m slightly sad to say that my sarcastic tongue fueled by my dominating personality took control in order to rectify the situation. About  20 seconds after that leadership shift, I had (1) discovered they had him as having my maiden name – even tho my name was right, (2) who to contact to have it corrected including the number, (3) the policy changed to the one I had originally chosen, and (4) given the customer service agent tips on professional communication.

I have trouble with people who question me when I give them the spelling of my name, or auto correct the spelling of my name, or who think I’m ignorant and talk down to me “because I have my name wrong”. Pretty sure if anyone knows what my name is and how to spell it, it’s me. Just FYI, this was not the first time this has happened to me (actually this is the 6th time (once accused of having my social wrong), but those will be posts for a different time.


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