Sanctification Through Geometry

Taking geometry in highschool was one of my biggest growing experiences. I describe geometry as boring, tedious, pointless and royal waste of time. I’m sure all of you, as I did, heard the line in school about needing whatever lesson that was being taught for later use. But let’s be honest, I’m still waiting for the any of those geometry theories I memorized to be relevant to real life. And I knew that back then.

But what I didn’t know was how geometry would mold me. Every time I got frustrated (which was every minute of every class) my teacher would graciously remind me that each trial I faced was God’s way growing my character. And through the tears, I’d reply some smart comment about not wanting anymore character. So, today, some ten plus years after geometry, when faced with some menial trial (having to speak to someone in customer service), I heard that teacher’s voice reminding me that God is still growing my character.

For me, lesson’s in geometry were never about the math… Thank you Mrs. J!


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