I <3 the Second Amendment Wearing Pink

Me again

Threw out this question not to long ago “When did I become a girly-girl?!” And this is how conversation went down…

Me:  I noticed on Friday,  I chose to walk (the VERYY long way) to the side walk because I didn’t want to get my shoes dirty walking through the grass. When did I become a girly-girl?!

Rebecca:  I want to be snarky and say “the day you were born.”

Becka: Rebecca, I was thinking that too, seemed to me as if she was almost always that way, but….

Rachel: I think around 16 or 17.. the girly side started to kick in.

I guess even Barbie likes to play with GI Joe’s toys every now and then (even if she does it in pink flip-flops and lace).

MePictures were taken Labor Day 2012… we went out back and shot off a few rounds.



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