Colored Me Pink

Let’s converse about me and the color pink. It’s not favorite. It’s never been favorite. I never wore pink. I never bought anything pink. But it’s been integrated into my entity for the following reasons.

1. Had a college room-mate-my-exact-size who wore *nothing but pink, and in order to double my wardrobe, I too had to wear pink.

2. Closest male friend said to me (during a dating dry spell), “Wear pink. Guys like girls in pink.”

3. One cannot successfully personify Barbie without wearing a certain amount of pink.

Needless to say, pink has weaseled itself into multiple facets of my life… like the color of my toenails… tune in tomorrow for “Paint Mine Pink”

*”Nothing” might be a slight exaggeration, but that’s most definitely the way I remember it… even her bed spread was pink.


One thought on “Colored Me Pink

  1. In my most professional opinion, your wardrobe is flavored with just the right amount of pink. 🙂 Not overwhelming, but enough femininity. 😉

    And I LOVE that you’re updating your blog again!

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