To Love, Cherish, And NOT Kill Your Dog

“I, take you, to be… blah blah blah, for richer and poorerer and lots of other important things… till death do us part.”

These words promise a lifetime of faithfulness and love on a magical journey, but in no way begin to describe the avenues in which this commitment with be demonstrated. There are a few things I would like to have understood (not just retaining a head knowledge, but an actual understanding) before getting married.

1) God designed marriage as an avenue of sanctification.

2) Preferring someone above yourself is a continual and conscious choice – sometimes daily or hourly or minutely.

3) You can’t sleep with them, and you can’t sleep without them.

4) Women get married assuming (and hoping) their husband will change, men get married assuming (and hoping) their wife will never change.

5) Communication is a science and an art. Like any masterpiece, communication takes an incredible amount of  time and energy, but still manages to get lost in translation.

6) “Sex starts in the kitchen” encompasses multiple aspects of the physical relationship. Having a clean kitchen removes mental distractions of the wife’s to-do list. The romance of a man cooking… also makes one less task for the wife. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

7) Love is SHOWN! Though romantic gestures, speech, taking out the trash, little things that make the other’s life easier, sandwiches… and flowers… and chocolate.

Now, an explanation of the title. My husband and I spent hours deliberating over getting a puppy. I didn’t want a dog… they smell and chew and cost money and bark and beg and shed and pee on the floor. But I love my husband and can’t tell him no. So, we got Apollo – and found out the same week we were expecting. I went from structured-schedule-full-time-administrator to come-what-may-stay-at-home-mommy. Our crate trained beauty, turned into a needy mess, who 2 years later still smells and chews and costs money and barks and begs and sheds but PRAISE THE LORD does not pee on the floor.

I take care of Apollo and a lot of the extra work that comes with having a pet, solely because I love Andy. But today, in a matter of 5 minutes, Apollo took a pair of my socks out of the closed (not zipped) suitcase on my bed (where he’s not suppose to be ever) and chewed through them. Today’s demonstration of love to my hubby was NOT KILLING HIS DOG!



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