Besties and Baby Bellies

Rachel's shower 001Saturday, we celebrated the expectant arrival of Rachel’s baby girl, with a party disguised as a baby-shower. And these events are always accompanied with pointed phrases uttered under innocent pretenses to young wives and newlyweds. Phrases such as, but not limited to: “You’re next.” “When are you having another one? (even if you have multiple sets of multiples) “Eli NEEEDDSS a sibling.” And variations of the sort. Sitting around a table talking pregnancy, delivery and whatnot, with 3 friends that have recently expressed how these phrases, tho well intended are not well received.

Lauren (all loud): “What?! Amanda, you’re pregnant?”

Me: “No. NOT, NOT, not pregnant.”

Jen, bursting into laughter – almost yelling: “AMANDA’S PREGNANT!!”

Me (same volume as Jen): “What?! And she doesn’t know who’s the baby-daddy?!”

Becka: “Way to start rumors!”

Me: “I remember now why we’re friends.”

Wonder how many people will congratulate or question my mom come Sunday…  hmmm.My shower 001

Rachel, me and Jen at my shower – I was 32ish weeks pregnant.


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