March Manliness – Kronk’s Shoulder Angels

“Don’t listen to him, he’ll lead you down the path of righteousness.” We watched the Emperor’s New Groove last night, and this phrase, as it always does, made me laugh. Along with humor, this phrase carries with it weight and responsibility.  You may not lead a nation, a movement, a troop, a congregation, or employees, but you will lead. As a man, you will be a leader, because someone will be watching and following your direction. As a Christian man, the path you lead should be seen by others as the path of righteousness. That phrase should define your reputation. Leading in righteousness is one of the most powerful demonstration of love (Shows your love for Jesus and your love for others). Going to be honest, this path gets lonely and painful, especially for the leaders. Doing the right thing is never easy and seldom popular. You’ll look around you and feel like no one is walking with you, let alone following you. You will get discouraged. At times you won’t see that path at all, but continue in rightness and you will blaze a trail that lights the way for those following. 


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