Snow Barbie Like A Beach Barbie

DE Trip 047Thing I miss most about home is the beach. That place holds memories of dates and friends and fireworks and car accidents and every event in between. I exhausted the summers of my youth building sand castles,  playing frisbee in the surf,  collecting sea-shells, skim-boarding, soaking up the sun and achieving the perfect shade of tan. I could treat sunburn, jellyfish stings and sand-flea bites. I spent hours battling traffic having share-time with my feet out the window.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve witnessed the splendor of the sun rising over the water, and the luster of the moon’s reflection on the waves. I’ve seen the destruction of a hurricane. I’ve felt waves trickle over my toes in every season. I was a local!! That love for the ocean is in my blood… and bones (which is why I still own flip-flops in every color).  Yesterday was a beach day. With a high of 40 and a covering of snow – and I still found flip-flops to be the footwear of choice.




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