Names as Nouns and Adjectives

DE Trip 041My parents mentioned multiple times that they should have given more thought to my middle name. They would have named me Amanda Grace instead of Amanda Lyn. However, the more I learn about myself, the more grateful I am to have a name not associated with an adjective. Of all my wonderful traits and characteristics and attributes, grace, is not found among them. Yes, I am that guy-ette. The one who trips over air and flat surfaces. The one who drops everything, particularly glass and valuables. I find bleachers and ice to be just plain cruel. The extent of my lack-of-grace has become endearing. The only amount of grace I possess is the ability to laugh at myself in said situations.

grace: noun \ˈgrās\: simple elegance or refinement of movement

grace·ful:  adjective \ˈgrās-fəl\: displaying grace in form or action : pleasing or attractive in line, proportion, or movement

My girls road trip to the beach concluded with a stop at a playground. The slides were recommend for children ages 5-12 and were epic. We had a blast. My first trip down a slide slid me right of the end and onto my bum… Mel captured me in all of my glorious gracefulness.

DE Trip 039 DE Trip 040 DE Trip 041


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