Dismounts and Adorations

Setting the stage… Easter morning, everyone’s in their Sunday best. Cooperate worship was alive with renewed hope and overwhelmed excitement! If you were standing still then “your blesser’s done broke” as they say back home. You could feel the Spirit moving!

Back story… my demographic occupies the back three or four rows of pews for every service. Not because we’re rebel-rousers (we grew out of that stage a few years back), and only occasionally because we’re late-comers. But more practically, it’s because we’re new or expecting parents and are regularly summoned out of the service for feedings, fevers, or frequenting the facilities. Call it the control freak in me, or being nosy, or whatnot, but I rather enjoy these arrangement, I can see everything.

Rising Action… children were dismissed for their class. A little girl about age 7, with her fluffy dress and new white shoes, with purse and Bible in hand full on runs across the pew and jumps of the end…

Climax… sticks the landing with perfect form!

Resolution… Laughter, lots and lots of laughter!!!  And the laughter just added to the spirit of worship. My heart was blessed beyond belief by this girl’s actions.


2 thoughts on “Dismounts and Adorations

  1. It really was! I totally enjoyed it! Think I’m going to wait a year or two to tell her mother about it because I don’t want her to be in any sort of trouble!!

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