Closet Case

“If you had listened, you wouldn’t have been locked in the closet”

My husband uttered this phrase in a teachable moment to our sniffling toddler who was calming down after having been closed in the closet. For those of you ready to report us to child-services for cruel and unusual punishment, please note this was for his own good. Hahahaa! Just kidding!! But this predicament was of his own making.

Eli is a lot of things, sweet, kind, curious, goofy, a typical toddler mixed with a dash of OCD. He likes cars and trucks and oreo cookies, and an exuberant interest in shoes. He’s possesses love for closing drawers and doors even when you’re in the way (like putting away laundry). He’s now in that stage of development when he’s tall enough to reach everything he’s not suppose to touch, he’s mimicking behaviors and habits, he’s flexing his independent skills,  and he’s testing his boundaries.

Soooo following Daddy around the bedroom while he’s getting changed is a gold-mine!! Eli’s playing hookie-pookie in Daddy’s closet. “Put your left shoe in, put your left shoe out, put your left shoe in and turn yourself about.” Andy instructs Eli to put the shoes away, and to come out. Eli puts the shoes away and starts pulling the door closed behind him. Daddy tells Eli he’s going to get stuck if he closes the door that way and to come out. Eli just looks at Daddy and closes the door anyway. This time the door latches, leaving Eli alone in a dark closet.  Took almost a minute before Eli started freaking out!


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