Clutter Makes Me Crazy: Bathroom Take 1


Saying “clutter makes me crazy” isn’t entirely accurate. Being OCD makes me crazy – the clutter causes the evidence of the crazy to be exposed to others in little squalls. This post however, is not to examine the inner workings of my mind, but rather demonstrate a few new organizational strategies I’m implementing to keep the clutter (and in turn, the crazy) at bay.

Today’s   decluttering was my bathroom closet.  This pic is to show the size, even tho it’s an “after” picture. That big plastic draw was filled with all things personal care; tylenol, cough meds, razors, bandaids, meds, etc. It was overflowing and gross.



A cheap over-the-door shoe holder was the solution.Because my closet is really just the space between my stairs and attic access, I had to cut off the bottom 2 rows in order for the door to close, but I fastened those rows to the inside wall.

TAAA-DAAH! Total cost (counting the plastic drawers) was about $20. For me, the price of sanity is, well, priceless.


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