My Smoking Hot Valentine

No, this post isn’t going to show a shirtless piece of man-candy. Honestly, with 20+ inches of snow on the ground I couldn’t have convinced my hubby to pose shirtless for a photo shoot, and if I had, it’s not something I’d share with you. Having said that, Valentine’s Day isn’t a big deal in my house… something about it being a made up holiday by the card and candy industry. Plus, Andy is still recovering from Christmas and back-to-back January birthdays. This year, I ROCKED Valentine’s Day. Spent it snuggling one handsome fella!!  That’s, right, I spent yesterday nuzzled on the couch with my 102.2 degree Mini-Valentine. Nothing says “be mine” like cleansing one’s nose across the shoulder of your shirt. My romantic evening consisted of Red-Robin take out, festive sugar cookies, early bedtimes, and watching Valentine’s Day with my Valentine. Happy V-Day (5)


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