Mischief Managed

Feb 2014 (120)

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

I firmly believe that children do not need constant entertainment, but should establish a variety independent skills. In a safe and nurturing environment of course. So, there are times when I leave my 2 year old alone in his room to play. *GASP* I know right?! I like to pretend I do this for his development. But this time was for the sole purpose of maintaining my sanity. About 20 minutes after the “mommy… mommy… mommmy”s ended,  I checked on my little guy. This is what I found. For the record, “safe and nurturing environment” does not translate to toddler proof. Feb 2014 (115) Feb 2014 (117) Feb 2014 (118) 


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