Espresso and Puppy


We’ve all joked about ways of dealing with someone else’s unattended child. Give red-bull and a kazoo. Sell on ebay. Trade for donuts. Sell to the circus. Tow away at parent’s expense. Yesterday, my child was THAT child. I know, I know. I’m being entirely unfair blaming my toddler’s behavior on my toddler. My 2-year-old’s behavior is a byproduct of my parenting. That statement should read, and be understood as, yesterday I was THAT parent.

As a baby, Eli had the most amazing temperament which developed into one awesome personality. Even through my mom-goggles, my bias is truth. But the last 3 weeks have been exhausting. He’s been off: an off-ness in the little things, only observable to mommy (an occasionally daddy). To any other viewer, Eli’s his normal rockstar self. I concluded I must have been imaging this offness and felt crazy (and honestly, guilty) for being overwhelmed by this fabrication… until the during a well visit the doctor utters these words “ear infection.” I was instantly relieved for an explanation, and for not being crazy, of course.

Waiting at the pharmacy for his prescription, I became increasingly impatient and annoyed by the length of time it was taking (40 minutes in to our 70 minute wait). Like any reasonable, also known as, exhausted, overwhelmed, emotional, tired and hungry, mommy, I let my toddler loose in the vitamin aisle to motivate their productivity. Would have loved if someone had offered him an espresso and a puppy.


IMG_1977 IMG_1980


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