A Little Mud on the Tires

March 2014 (28)Auntie Becca got Eli finger paints for his birthday, and we used them for the first time this morning. Yeah, I know, my kid spending the first 2 plus years of his life not being introduced to finger painting, is not grounds for mom of the year award. For 2 reasons… 1) finger painting is messy and getting messy is hard to do when temperatures are so cold. 2) Eli doesn’t like being messy in a texture kind of way – sand, snow, bubbles… not his thing when it sticks to his hands, or feet, or legs, or clothes, or shovels… sigh. Finger painting went better than I was expecting!

At first Eli wanted to play with the just bottles… and was unsure about the feel of the paint.
March 2014 (15)

Even with additional colors, he only wanted to use the tip of his finger. March 2014 (18)

He eventually got into the spirit and used more than one finger, but was “all done” once the paint started drying on his hand. And He stacked the plates together to hurry along the clean-up process. March 2014 (23)

 For the record, he was NOT okay with Mommy using his truck to paint. Next time, paint brushes.March 2014 (22)


3 thoughts on “A Little Mud on the Tires

  1. Cute! Looks like a ton of fun! With Jake we do bath paints…put him in the tub in a swim diaper…give him a paint mixture of baby soap, cornstarch, and food coloring and let him paint the tub. Clean up is easy bc we just turn on the water and use a cup to rinse the tub then he gets a bath! 🙂 he loves it but like Eli was unsure of the texture at first!

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