Secret Hiding Place

May  (18)Birthdays are a big deal!

If you say we should be thanking and celebrating our mothers on our own birthday, because after all, we had little to do with our own existence, and all the pain and suffering they went through on that specific day to give us life after carrying us under their heart for 9 months of reeking havoc on their body… I’d like to high-five you… in the face… with a chair. Don’t get me wrong, IMG_2194I appreciate what my mom went through, and I’ve experienced, TO FULLEST EXTENT, the previously described escapade. BUT STILL, I hold tightly to the persuasion that birthdays are to celebrate the birthed, not the birth-er. That day’s called Mother’s Day.

That being said, we celebrated 3 years of Apollo on May 1st. We think his actual birthday is somewhere in the 3rd week of April, but that’s the day we decided to get a puppy and it’s easy to remember and yada yada yada. He received a new chew toy and bone. Winner of a selection, because instead of consuming the bone, he tries to preserve it by burying it in secret hiding places. Preciously the couch cushions, and today, under Eli’s pillow.



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