G.I. Barbie

My favorite thing about Barbie is how she personifies different stereotypes though her outfits. But while doing this, she elevates any prejudice by personalizing her ensemble with a coordinating pair high heels. If Barbie were to be a G.I., I like to think she’d rock these camo heels. I demonstrated a great deal of restraint leaving these beauties […]

Mischief Managed

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” I firmly believe that children do not need constant entertainment, but should establish a variety independent skills. In a safe and nurturing environment of course. So, there are times when I leave my 2 year old alone in his room to play. *GASP* I know right?! I like to pretend I do […]

My Smoking Hot Valentine

No, this post isn’t going to show a shirtless piece of man-candy. Honestly, with 20+ inches of snow on the ground I couldn’t have convinced my hubby to pose shirtless for a photo shoot, and if I had, it’s not something I’d share with you. Having said that, Valentine’s Day isn’t a big deal in my […]


Every parent dreams of the day when their precious little bundle of joy begins to communicate through speech. No parent, not even me, could have predicted Eli’s first word. Hopes of “dada” and “mama” vanished as Eli began to associate the formidable objects covering his toes aiding with traction and stability as he learned to […]