Dismounts and Adorations

Setting the stage… Easter morning, everyone’s in their Sunday best. Cooperate worship was alive with renewed hope and overwhelmed excitement! If you were standing still then “your blesser’s done broke” as they say back home. You could feel the Spirit moving! Back story… my demographic occupies the back three or four rows of pews for every service. Not because we’re […]

This morning a teacher was reading the Christmas Story to 3rd and 4th graders. She was talking about how the angel appeared to Joseph in a dream… a boy raised his hand all confused and asked “But wasn’t Joseph swallowed by a whale?” Loved it!!

It’s that time of year again… most of us refer to it as “fall” or “autumn.” However, the children of my center see it as a time for dressing up and collecting candy. In the hallway I was approached by an almost skipping 3 year old, Levi. He blurts out “I’m going to the Halloween […]

“I have an under-ground pool” Lucas (age 6) “He’s talking to his imagination friend” Adam (age 6) ‘Happy Birthday” “Today’s my fake birthday” “What’s you real birthdate?” “May 6th” What was yesterday?” “May 5” “That makes today?” “May 6th.” “So if today’s May 6th and your birthdate’s May 6th then today’s your real birthday.” “No, […]

For St. Patrick’s Day my assistant colored my class’ milk green. We told the kids that a magic leprechaun came into the classroom and brought a special green milk and that we were super lucky. This launched the class into conversation about when they’ve seen a leprechaun or tried to catch one and such. So we talked […]