Maybe It’s Me

“Ladies and gentlemen, in this corner coming in at a whopping 100 pounds, our favorite 5 foot blond… the one, the only… MIDDDGGGEEEETTT BARRRBBBBIIIEEEE!”

As I renew my resolve to maintain my blog, I’d like to commence first by explaining how I acquired the nick-name “Midget Barbie”. What better place to start than a Google search…

mid-get / ‘mijit (Why is this word not spelled phonetically?) Noun: An unusually small person   Adjective: Very small.

This definition accurately depicts the physical aspect of my entire adolescent and adult existence. No one I encountered was witty enough to come up with an original name to describe my height… hence the continued title of “Midget” If I had a dime for every time I heard “Dude, you’re short” My college education would have been funded by the time I turned 16, and possibly a post-grad degree. However, I have to admit, “Midget” is better than “Shortie”

bar·bie / bärbē  Noun: A brand of doll representing a slim, shapely young woman, especially one with blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. (Soooo, me!)

The “Barbie” portion of my nickname was added my junior year of college by a friend of mine we’ll call “Matt” (in order to protect his true identity – hahahaha, who am I kidding, that’s his real – there were like 10 Matts in our class that year). I believe we were sitting in the hall between classes and he was making fun of my shoes (think they were my purple high-heels)… so I began waxing eloquent about why they were favorite… he interrupted, and laughed, and referred to them as being “Barbie shoes.” This comment developed in the just calling me “Barbie” every time I wore them. Some time passed and we were standing (making him about 2 inches taller than me) in line for lunch my friend Dan joined us. They proceeded to be entertained by the fact that even wearing heels, I was still rather short. And Matt called me a midget in barbie shoes… and Dan laughed and said “Dude, you’re like a midget Barbie”.

And it stuck.


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