For the Love of Bacon


I LOVE bacon. Love it wrapped around steak, draped across a burger, chopped in salad… totally wanted to quote Green Eggs and Ham, but my affection for it may fade if I were eating  it “on a box with a fox”. But even with my overwhelming fondness for bacon I rarely prepare any in my house. Can’t handle the residual smell that lingers for days in everything fabric. The smell even clings to my hair. That being said, the last two night’s worth of dinner contained bacon. As a side to french toast and in a delicious (and my first ever) breakfast casserole. So, today my best friends are Sugared Apple Yankee Candle and Extra Strength Febreze. 

Might need to scrub the grease out of my microwave to increase my besties effectiveness.


4 thoughts on “For the Love of Bacon

  1. Sigh. I have the same issue with bacon. Love it’s taste, hate it’s residual smell. The microwavable stuff just doesn’t have the same “flair.” haha

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